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Wash your stress away with an exfoliating body scrub

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Build an exfoliating body scrub into your beauty regime for soft, smooth energised skin. Skin cells turn over all the time to reveal newer healthier skin. However as we age the process slows down. Using an exfoliating body scrub once or twice a week can help the process along. Body scrubs work by sloughing off dead skin cells with exfoliating granules, however …

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Do you neglect your hands?

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Hand moisturisers help you to care for your hands. The hands are arguably the most useful part of the body; they accomplish so much!  Yet how often do you apply a hand moisturiser? The hands are often the most neglected body part in our daily beauty routine. Why should you bother moisturising your hands? Because they give away our age just …

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Fountain Cleansing Gel

On May 12,2015/

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Looking for a new cleanser? Look no further than the fountain Cleansing Gel; a sulphate- free, soap-free gel that removes impurities and environmental pollutants that we pick up during the day, all while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Cleansing Gel contains an uplifting mix of essential citrus oils that leave the skin feeling fresh, smooth and clean.

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Remove the day with the Fountain Cleansing Balm!

On May 05,2015/

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A soothing and refreshing balm that cleans the skin leaving a smoother, softer and revitalised texture all without removing the natural protective oils of the skin. Contains a mix of healing anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidants and rejuvenating AHA’s, which is prefect for those with dry or sensitive skin.