Girls night in | pamper party at home

On Nov 20,2017/

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In Grooming Trends

Nothing beats a night in with your besties. But why not change it up a little and try something different? We’re talking a pamper party in the comfort of your own home with a handful of your best girlfriends. Our DIY guide will help you get started. So you’ve decided to go upmarket/low budget and invite your friends over for …

Summer scrubbing | face cleansers for oily skin

On Nov 06,2017/

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In Skin Care Advice

Keep sebum production under control this summer with Fountain face cleansers for oily skin. Our go-to cleansers, exfoliants and masks help reduce excess oil to reveal a radiant glowing complexion. Does your face take on a shine all of its own in summer? Does the hot weather cause you to break out in pimples? Oily and combination skin types naturally produce excess oil, …