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Fountain Cosmetics
Discover Fountain
Discover Fountain

We Make What We Love. We Love What We Make.

Our Purpose
Our Aim
A New Standard
Our Promise
Our Values
Our Commitments
Our Philosophy
Fountain Story
Our Purpose

Why we exist? And why we are “Worth Knowing.”

  • Fountain exists to give the world the most innovative Anti-aging Cosmetics.
  • Fountain exists to make high-quality, premium cosmetics at Affordable Prices for Everyone, Every Day!
  • Fountain exists to bring people and society together through cosmetics education and skin protection.
  • Fountain exists to be a Good Brand for our community and the world, not just demographics.
  • Fountain exists to advance humanity through innovation and Better Cosmetic products.
Our Aim

Why are we relevant to you?

  • Our aim is to enrich people’s lives through skincare education and provide premium cosmetics at affordable prices that are a pleasure to use.
  • Our aim is to help eliminate skin cancer by educating you about sun protection and making sunscreen affordable for all.
  • Our aim is to bring people together through a shared vision – the love of cosmetics and skincare.

All Fountain Cosmetics products are developed and manufactured in Australia by our team of dedicated professionals. We use innovation and the best quality ingredients to produce the most cutting-edge products possible.

A New Standard

Fountain: the new standard in cosmetics

  • We provide: High-Quality products, Affordable prices, Value for money, Fast, reliable service.
  • We offer: A 30-day Money Back Guarantee, No questions asked.
  • We are: Trustworthy, Transparent and Generous.
Our Promise

Our promise to you

Our customers and partners will always get more value for money with Fountain.

Through education, premium quality and functional formulas, coupled with our fast, reliable service, our products will provide you with poise and a fearless confidence.

Our Values

The Fountain Ethos:

Transparent: Fountain creates the highest-quality anti-aging cosmetics possible using the very latest innovations and technology.

Honest: Fountain puts the customer first, providing you with superior products at affordable prices.

Credibility: Fountain is environmentally conscious and is working towards becoming carbon neutral.

Generosity: Fountain’s business objective is to enrich the lives and improve the health of all.

Trust: At Fountain, we pride ourselves on the strong relationships we build with our customers and partners.

Our Commitments

What does Fountain stand against?

  • Products with unjustified high prices.
  • Animal testing.
  • Disinterest in people and social injustices.
  • Disregard for the environment.

Fountain will never buy from a supplier without a Sustainability policy or a Social Responsibility policy in place.

Our Philosophy

Vision, Mission & Philosophy

“To create innovative cosmetics using the best quality ingredients and the latest technology.”

At the core of our business is our enduring passion for designing effective products that use the latest scientific breakthroughs.

“To help people lead healthier lives by providing education on the importance of skincare.”

We are dedicated to educating people on how to protect their skin from damage and finding the best solutions for radiant, healthy and beautiful skin.

“To provide innovative, effective and easy-to-use solutions for all skin types.”

We have our in-house research team dedicated to creating new products made from refined ingredients such as plant stem cells, plant peptides, and vitamin serums

Fountain Story

The Fountain Story “Worth knowing”

Fountain Cosmetics is a family-owned and run business established in 1999 and is proudly Australian.

  • Our entire company is built with the aim of benefitting our community.
  • Our whole existence revolves around creating and designing products to suit your needs.

At Fountain Cosmetics we use the very best ingredients and the latest formulations to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant.
Designed to be used everyday use, our products are safe for both you and the environment.


What is Fountain?

Fountain: an Anti-aging Cosmetics Company manufacturing for all ages and skin types.
Always up-to-date with the latest ingredients and formulations.
Produced in-house using the latest innovations and technologies.

What is Fountain Brand Identity?

  • Functional Cosmetics, Everyday Essentials.
  • Luxurious products, exceptional value
  • Hydrating solutions, instant comfort, and confidence
  • Innovative and universal, formulas for men and women
  • Beautifully designed cosmetics, for better life, Every Day

What is Fountain Brand Personality?

  • Smart design. Fresh. Innovative. Simple and easy. Friendly and confident. Agile and adaptive.

What is Fountain Passion?

  • Our passion comes from the Love and interest people show in cosmetics.
  • Our passion comes from how our products delight our customers and partners.
  • Our passion is to continue making the best and the most innovative cosmetics possible.

Who are we?

  • We are a Cosmetics Company that specializes in Anti-aging skincare and general cosmetics.

What do we do?

  • We make essential and effective cosmetics that can be used daily to make you feel “Beautiful, Every Day.”

Why does it matter?

  • It matters because people love to feel happy, confident and “Beautiful Every Day.”

What problem do we solve?

  • We provide Cutting-edge Anti-aging solutions to prolong the skin aging process

How are we different, and makes us remarkable?

  • We are very innovative with our products, E.G. Neuro, PiO, and collagen peptides
    at affordable prices.

The remarkable difference from the others

  • Industry status quo  vs.   Fountain innovative solutions
  • Old formulations  vs.   Fountain Cutting-edge formulas
  • Limited range   vs.   Fountain - a wide range of over 150 products
  • Mediocre choices  vs.  Fountain Solutions for diverse concerns

What is The Fountain Business Purpose?

  • To create happy, healthy customers.
  • To bring people together through cosmetics education with Fountain online course and webinars(launching at the end of 2017).
  • The advancement of humanity through better cosmetics products. 

Why should I care?

  • Because, you want to look and feel beautiful, every day!
  • Because with Fountain, you will always get exceptional quality and value for money.
  • Because, you are helping your community and society in general.

Fountain Culture

  • To build strong relationships with people and society.
  • To create the most Innovative Anti-aging cosmetics possible, using the latest technology.
  • To be environmentally Conscious, and works towards Total carbon neutral products.
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