Skin protection | How much is too much to pay for a tan?

On Oct 17,2017/

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Sun protection is paramount to looking and feeling young, healthy and skin-cancer free. It may feel glamorous to lay on the beach working up a golden tan, but what price are you prepared to pay? According to the Cancer Council, Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Many people die each year from an almost preventable disease. …

Summer scrubbing | face cleansers for oily skin

On Oct 13,2017/

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Keep sebum production under control this summer with Fountain face cleansers for oily skin. Our go-to cleansers, exfoliants and masks help reduce excess oil to reveal a radiant glowing complexion. Does your face take on a shine all of its own in summer? Does the hot weather cause you to break out in pimples? Oily and combination skin types naturally produce excess oil, …

Summertime blues | skin and hair problems? | We’ve got you covered

On Oct 10,2017/

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When the summer season is in full swing, the hot weather, not to mention fun in the sun, can wreak havoc on your skin and hair. If your skin type is dry, you may find it is raw and itchy. If it is oily, then the hot humid weather may be causing excessive breakouts. And if you have been enjoying …

13 travel essentials | road trip beauty wonders

On Oct 06,2017/

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After sitting in a car for a few hours or spending a day poolside or at the beach, your skin and hair need a moisture hit. To help you pack to look your best, we’ve selected 13 travel essentials that will keep you looking and feeling beautiful on your next road trip. With summer upon us, it’s time to pack …

Legacy | anti ageing products | luxurious skincare

On Oct 03,2017/

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We may not be able to turn back time, but Fountain Cosmetics has a Legacy for mature skin – anti ageing products that specifically support the skin’s needs with world-first technologies. As we age, the process of cellular renewal slows and our skin naturally loses elasticity and resilience. However Legacy, innovative anti ageing products by Fountain, are specifically formulated to …

Chemical peels | skin rejuvenation or risk?

On Sep 29,2017/

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Chemical peels dissolve the glue between cells and shed dead skin. This is followed by the regrowth of new skin, resulting in a younger-looking, fresher, rejuvenated appearance. But with any kind of magic elixir that dramatically reverses skin ageing, there are risks involved. Faces have been treated with chemical peels to resurface the skin since the 18th century. Today, this …