Fountain Legacy range is designed specifically to rejuvenate mature skin 50+ as well as balance and slow the aging process in younger skin. Legacy skincare is formulated using marine and plant sourced ingredients and a unique combination of Enzyme, Cellular Communication and Complex Moisturising technologies – the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

Enzyme: The key enzyme is based on Mucor Miehei, a unique fungi traditionally used for cheese production but recently found to have amazing anti-aging skincare properties. This fungi-derived protease provides an effective but gentle exfoliation of the superficial stratum corneum (SC) – outer layer of the epidermis . As the skin’s buffering capacity raises the pH and the ingredient reaches deeper layers of the SC (with a higher pH), it becomes inactive and exfoliation stops.Cellular Communication: helps rejuvenate mature skin by improving intercellular signalling between the epidermal and dermal cells – a function we lose as we age. Based on a marine water-binding agent, Saccharid Isomerate, it works by enhancing the direct communication among neighbouring skin cells, and the signalling exchange between epidermal and dermal cells.

The result is enhanced cell renewal, increased hydration, improved clarity and skin that is better able to combat daily environmental aggressors, protect against water loss, and ensure cell renewal is balanced and healthy.

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