How To Prevent Wrinkles

Let’s Talk About Wrinkles!

Do we have too? Ugh, Ok, fine. Wrinkles are the biggest indication that we are getting old and there are many different types with many names: laugh lines, frown lines, wisdom creases (I just made that one up, but it’s a good description!!), crow’s feet, tear troughs, bunny lines, rumples, crumples, creases, and an Australian favourite the dreaded “chookiness.”


Regardless of what they’re called we all have one question about wrinkles: How do we get them off our face!!!

Well, I can’t answer that. If I could I would be the richest women in the world, but, alas I am just a humble writer and can only answer a few of the most common questions about the wisdom creases, such as:

At what age should I start using a face cream for wrinkles?

When you should start using anti-ageing products is very dependent on your skin type and how much damage it gets from UV rays and pollution. Some people use anti-ageing products as young as 21 and others don’t start until their mid- 30’s.

Locations of wrinkles on the face and what causes them?

This is a huge question so bear with me as I try to break down what causes the most noticeable wrinkles. The wrinkles that people usually see are crow’s feet (around the eye area), laugh and frown lines (found around the mouth and chin) and forehead creases (I think the name says it all).

Locations-of-wrinklesNow, I’m going to make the broad assumption that everyone reading this can feel emotions (baring the odd sociopath). The key part of feeling and having emotions is being able to communicating and express those emotions through facial expressions. BUT facial expressions are one of the main causes of wrinkles, which is why Botox is so popular and effective. It freezes the muscles that cause expression.

Whenever we make a face, the cells in the area (such as the forehead) are squeezed. This happens millions of times during our lifetime, resulting in the skin forming permanent creases. As we get older, we lose the firmness and elasticity of our skin. These creases develop over the years and eventually show as wrinkles.

The second cause of wrinkles is sunlight. Yes, the dreaded UV rays that are the cause of many skin problems is also a factor in wrinkle formation. The UV light starts the photo-ageing process that damages the skin mostly through free radical’s that cause the damage to the DNA. Think of it like leaving an apple out in the sun; after a while the skin gets dryer, darker and starts to wrinkle. That’s what happens to your skin, when exposed to too much sun, scary stuff huh?

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What can we do to prevent wrinkles?

Finally!! Answering the question we have all been wondering! If we can’t stop the formation of wrinkles (I for one will not be giving up the ability to frown), we can at least minimise them by:
• Getting lots of sleep. The hormones produced during sleep help repair the skin and body.
Don’t smoke. We know there are a million and one reasons not to smoke but ruining your skin is a good a reason as any to quit.
Use Sunscreen. It seems like this is the one piece of advice that everyone keeps repeating but it’s so important as UV rays do so much damage to the skin.
Use a moisturiser. Keep the skins barrier well hydrated to make any existing wrinkles appear softer and prevent new ones.
Drink lots of water. Hydrated skin starts with a hydrated body.
Eat foods with high levels of antioxidants. Such as kiwi’s, blueberries, beans, and artichoke; well any fruit and veggies, really!
Eat food with healthy saturated fats. Fats from avocado’s and fish are chock full of nutrients that encourage healthy hair and skin.

Check out this great article from WikiHow that demonstrates the best ways to prevent wrinkles.

How-To-Prevent-WrinklesIs it true that skin lotions can actually prevent face wrinkles or is it mostly genetic? If lotions make a big difference, which one should I buy?

So, we all want to know if what we buy actually works. Are the products we buy at the spa any different from the stuff at the 2 dollar shop? Do our expensive creams actually do anything to prevent wrinkles?

Well, if and how your cream works really depends on the specific ingredients and how long you use the product. That’s one of the problems many people have with skin care; they don’t give their products enough time to take true effect before moving on. It can take 6-8 weeks of consistent use, to really see an effect from one product.

Because the saturation of the cosmetic market is so huge, it can be a bit tricky to pick a lotion that’s right for you, so here are a few guidelines to help you choose:

  • Tip #1: Stay in budget.
  • Tip #2: Choose a cream based on your skin type.
  • Tip #3: Look for good/natural ingredients such as green tea and cucumber as they hydrate and nourish the skin without irritation.

Keep in mind that the skin can change during the winter months, so you may need to be on the lookout for a heavier cream for those months.