Girls night in | pamper party at home

On Nov 20,2017/

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Nothing beats a night in with your besties. But why not change it up a little and try something different? We’re talking a pamper party in the comfort of your own home with a handful of your best girlfriends. Our DIY guide will help you get started. So you’ve decided to go upmarket/low budget and invite your friends over for …

13 travel essentials | road trip beauty wonders

On Oct 23,2017/

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In Grooming Skin Care Advice

After sitting in a car for a few hours or spending a day poolside or at the beach, your skin and hair need a moisture hit. To help you pack to look your best, we’ve selected 13 travel essentials that will keep you looking and feeling beautiful on your next road trip. With summer upon us, it’s time to pack …

Beauty and the Beach | summer-ready skin care

On Oct 09,2017/

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In Grooming Skin Care Advice Trends

Are you beach-wise and beach-bag ready? Before hitting the sand this season, take a few steps to prepare your winter-white body for the blazing onslaught that is the Aussie summer. So, the weather is hotting up and you’re ready to hit the beach, but you are too self-conscious to bare your pearly white skin in public. Don’t fret! Regardless of …

Beach bodies | pre-beach skin tips

On Sep 25,2017/

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Summer is almost upon us and party season is just around the corner. That means stripping down to your cosy and wearing your most revealing clothes. Or does it? If you have a skin condition that is stopping you from exposing your flesh in public and making the most of the summer season, don’t fret. Fountain Cosmetics’ 9 Pre-beach Skin …

Men’s grooming guide | prevent post-shaving irritations|

On May 29,2017/

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In Fountain News Grooming Men Skin Care Advice

Have you had your fair share of post-shaving razor burn, irritable skin, nicks and cuts? Follow our Men’s Grooming Guide to fine-tune your shaving routine and prevent post-shaving skin irritations. Razor burn, bumps, spots, cuts and dry skin are common results from shaving. But they don’t have to be. With a little education, you can protect your face to preventing …

Mencare | the hirsute male

On Apr 17,2017/

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In Grooming Haircare Men Skin Care Advice Trends

Not since Flower Power and the free-love hipppy movement have we seen so much male hair. Feelin’ groovy in the 1970s meant letting it all hang out and not permitting scissors to go anywhere near their tresses or beards. However the 21st century hairy man is taming his wild beast. Unheard of in previous generations, he is visiting grooming parlours …