Coarse Hair
Coarse hair doesn’t have to be a struggle! At Fountain Cosmetics, we understand that coarse hair follicles just needs a little love and care. This selection of products have been formulated to smooth out rough hair cuticles and soften wiry hair so that you can enjoy your naturally thick, voluminous hair without frizz or flatness.

We believe in treating coarse hair by nourishing the hair follicle instead of battling against the hair’s natural structure. Treat your hair with a soothing and hydrating hair mask like Fountain’s Exquisite Moisture Mask to produce shine and give your hair some much needed moisture.

When styling coarse hair, don’t forget to be gentle! Mechanical action from brushes and combs can cause damage to hair follicles, so give your hair a shield against further damage by applying leave-in conditioner or our Flow Detangler.

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