Fountain Neuro range, the “intelligent skincare”

The first of its kind to be made in Australia, Neuro is a skincare range that combines anti-aging active ingredients with neurophysiological agents that target the nervous system. This produces a calming effect that helps to beautify and soothe the skin – while also keeping it moist and nourished.

Neuro cell to cell communication will enhance the effectiveness of this new generation of anti-aging active ingredients. Fountain has developed a range of products containing Neuropeptides to bring you the absolute latest in anti-aging skincare technology.

  • LOVE (Eye Cream) 30g

    Neuro Love Eye Cream
    $120.00 AUD
  • DREAM (Night Cream) 60g

    Fountain Neuro Dream, a moisturiser to use at night
    $120.00 AUD
  • MIRACLE (Multi-Vitamin Serum) 40g

    Fountain Neuro Micracle, a miraculous anti aging serum
    $120.00 AUD
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    TRANSITION (Firming Serum) 40g

    Fountain Neuro Transition Firming Serum
    $120.00 AUD
  • SENSE (Day Cream) 60g

    Fountain Neuro Sense is a daily moisturiser that restores the health of your skin
    $120.00 AUD

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