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What are peptides? 1

Peptides improve cell function | increase firmness | decrease the look of wrinkles

Peptides are long or short chains of amino acids – the building blocks of protein (collagen) – within the skin. They function as moisture-binding agents and assist in skin repair.

One approach to fixing wrinkles and keeping your skin looking young is to replace lost or diminished collagen content.

When collagen deteriorates, you can use peptides as a “signal” to tell your skin it is damaged and to create new collagen. Since peptides are small, they can penetrate the skin’s top protective barriers and work to get into deeper layers of the skin.

At Fountain, we are obsessed with creating potent anti-aging products that repair the skin.

Most of our skin care products contained peptide blends tailored to improve cell function, increase firmness and decrease the look of wrinkles.

Fountain Ideal Moisture, we included the best anti-aging peptide Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38 (Matrixyl® synthe’6™). This ingredient reduces wrinkle volume and depth in approximately eight weeks, by smoothing wrinkles from the inside and rebuilding collagen and elastin where it is needed, particularly on the forehead and crow’s feet.

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