Tinted Body Lotion

The Fountain Cosmetics body care range provides hydrating, nourishing and moisturising properties to simply and effectively rejuvenate and replenish your skin at affordable prices.Our eco-friendly body care products are created from a blend of natural oils, amino acids, vitamins and minerals and are suitable for all ages and skin types.

Here at Fountain Cosmetics, we consistently undertake research to develop cutting edge skin care formulas. Our entire range of high-quality body care products work to effectively deliver superior hydration and promote overall wellbeing.

For a healthy, natural tan take a look at our exotic range of tanning lotions. These luxurious body care products create a beautiful golden tan without streaking.

To rebalance pigmentation, exfoliate or repair damaged skin, check out our range of body scrubs, oils and lotions.

In fact, why not browse our entire body care range!

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