PhytoCellTec Argan boosts the regenerative ability of dermal stem cells. Image of woman's face with swirly lines in background to demonstrate PhytoCellTec ™ Argan which boosts the regenerative ability of dermal stem cells

PhytoCellTec Argan

Based on stem cells from one of the oldest tree species on the planet, PhytoCellTec Argan improves the regenerative capacity of dermal stem cells, helps accelerate the skin’s natural repair process and fights skin aging.

PhytoCellTec Argan, created by Mibelle Switzerlan, is based on stem cells of the Argan tree.

Adult dermal stem cells live in the dermal papilla of the hair roots and are responsible for the regenerative process.

These cells separate into dermal cell kinds like fibroblasts, which continuously manufacture the extracellular matrix, healthy proteins, elastin and collagen.

When dermal stem cells age, they become fewer in number and don’t function to full capacity.

Therefore, it is vital to shield dermal stem cells as well as preserve their function.

Plant stem cells have these epigenetic factors. In vitro research, studies demonstrate that extracts made from argan tree stem cells have a positive impact on the function of human dermal stem cells: enhancing the extracellular matrix framework and reducing wrinkle depth of the facial tissue.

PhytoCellTec Argan is efficient in both securing and vitalizing human dermal stem cells by increasing the skin’s repair procedure for a fresh and glowing appearance.

Fountain Total Moisture contains PhytoCellTec Argan and is designed to treat premature aging and dryness. By forming a protective moisture-absorbing barrier, it restores the firmness and plumpness for skin that looks younger and healthier.

Not convinced about the regenerative properties of PhytoCellTec Argan? Take a look at this short video.