13 travel essentials | road trip beauty wonders

On Oct 23,2017/

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After sitting in a car for a few hours or spending a day poolside or at the beach, your skin and hair need a moisture hit. To help you pack to look your best, we’ve selected 13 travel essentials that will keep you looking and feeling beautiful on your next road trip. With summer upon us, it’s time to pack …

Beauty and the Beach | summer-ready skin care

On Oct 09,2017/

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Are you beach-wise and beach-bag ready? Before hitting the sand this season, take a few steps to prepare your winter-white body for the blazing onslaught that is the Aussie summer. So, the weather is hotting up and you’re ready to hit the beach, but you are too self-conscious to bare your pearly white skin in public. Don’t fret! Regardless of …

Facial cleansing | spring cleaning tips for your skin

On Sep 11,2017/

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Winter woes are now behind us, and so too can dry itchy skin. With the help from a little facial cleansing and deep moisturising products, you can restore your skin back to its sunny, glowing disposition. Birdsong heralds day break. Sunlight hours are longer. Days are warmer. And evenings are filled with sweet floral scents. Yep. Nothing says spring like …

Revolutionary technology | the ultimate in anti-ageing skincare

On Aug 21,2017/

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Fountain Neuro uses neurocosmetics – a cutting-edge, anti-ageing skincare technology. The first of its kind in Australia, this luxurious range of intelligent skincare is helping Baby Boomers turn back the clock on their skin. Although the cosmetics industry is working hard towards finding a product to stop your skin from ageing, there is no fountain of youth…yet. However, what it …

Chemical peels | skin rejuvenation or risk?

On Jul 24,2017/

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Chemical peels dissolve the glue between cells and shed dead skin. This is followed by the regrowth of new skin, resulting in a younger-looking, fresher, rejuvenated appearance. But with any kind of magic elixir that dramatically reverses skin ageing, there are risks involved. Faces have been treated with chemical peels to resurface the skin since the 18th century. Today, this …

Face fillers | Botox v Dermal Fillers | pros and cons

On Jul 10,2017/

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Need a quick facial revamp? Beauty clinics offering non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatments are booming. Whether you are looking for fuller lips or shallower wrinkles, there is a beauty procedure that can help you achieve your goal. We pit the two most popular face filler treatments against each other. How does Botox rejuvenate your face? Touted as the miracle wrinkle eraser, …