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Hydrate from within

On Oct 24,2016/

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Hydrate your skin from within with collagen beauty drinks – a new trend taking the US and Europe by storm. Oral nutritional supplements, or ready-to-drink collagen beauty beverages, is a growing market and is expected to reach US$7.4 billion over the next five years. “In addition to a good skincare routine, we recommend a healthy lifestyle that involves regular, moderate exercise and …

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What are peptides?

On Jun 30,2015/

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Peptides improve cell function | increase firmness | decrease the look of wrinkles Peptides are long or short chains of amino acids – the building blocks of protein (collagen) – within the skin. They function as moisture-binding agents and assist in skin repair. One approach to fixing wrinkles and keeping your skin looking young is to replace lost or diminished collagen …