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Hair treatment | hairceuticals

On Nov 23,2016/

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Embrace the age of hairceuticals. You may have heard of the word “hairceuticals”. Like cosmetcuiticals – a combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals – hairceuticals are hair treatment products that combines biologically active ingredients claiming medical benefits with haircare products. Think of it as a marriage between haircare and pharmaceuticals. The reason for this new hair treatment trend is the growing …

Can you trust a product that claims to be “natural”

On Dec 07,2015/

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The word “natural” is bandied around a lot in the cosmetics industry. But what does “natural” actually mean? Any cosmetics brand that feels compelled to tell you their products are natural, in all likelihood may not be. In Australia there is no official, single definition of what constitutes a natural product. Understandably, there are a lot of grey areas around the use …

Fountain haircare range: moisture, color and blonde shampoos, conditioners and treatments

Fountain Guide to the best hair care products

On Jun 02,2015/

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Finding the best hair care products for your hair is easy at Fountain! Fountain shampoos and  conditioners contain high levels of keratin to improve elasticity and movement, while gently cleaning the hair and leaving it light and manageable. All of our products are FREE of parabens and sulphates and are not tested on animals, making our hair care good for you and the environment! Moisture …