Fountain found

We do what we love. We love what we do.

Australia, Fountain development and production of new cosmetics for all ages and all skin types.

Our products are designed for daily use, they will keep your skin looking healthy and radiant. Our products use the latest ingredients and formulations, they use natural extracts for your skin and the environment are very good.

In addition, the fountain cosmetics never tested animals.

Sulfate (SLS) | Paraben Free | mineral oil

Our Vision

“Use the best ingredients and the latest technology to create innovative cosmetics"

We want to understand the importance of skin care and its potential to improve lives, share our passion for people through education. [/ Text_output] [/ vc_column_inner]

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Our mission

“By providing education about the importance of skin care to help people led healthier lives.

Our mission is to create innovative and high-quality anti-aging cosmetics.

Fountain is committed to producing nutritious beverage beauty, improve the body’s immune system while reversing the signs of aging. [/ Text_output] [/ vc_column_inner]

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Our philosophy

“For all skin types to provide innovative, effective and easy-to-use solution.

Central to this philosophy is our enduring passion to create effective products, using the latest scientific breakthroughs.

We have our own research team dedicated to creating new products from refined ingredients, including plant stem cells, plant peptides and vitamin serum made.

We are also committed to educate people how to protect their skin from damage, and how to find a healthy, fresh and beautiful skin right product. [/ Text_output] [/ vc_column_inner] [/ vc_row_inner] [/ vc_tta_section]

Our aim

“Rich skin care education through life, providing high-quality cosmetics, is a joy to use.

We are committed to creating the best products, and cosmetics and skincare through a common love of the people together. Fountains are all with the best raw material in the manufacture of Australia.

Our goal is to help eliminate skin cancer, educate people about the sun, and everyone can afford sunscreen. [/ Text_output] [/ vc_column_inner]

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Founded in 1999, the fountain of cosmetics is a family business, proudly Australian owned and operated. We develop and manufacture all of our cosmetics in Sydney.

We have our own team of scientists and researchers, committed to stay ahead of the trend. Always innovative, fountain dedicated to finding solutions that will reverse the signs of aging, while improving your skin's health and vitality.

We assure you that we will never compromise on quality, we will never stop to imagine new possibilities.


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